Never Knew I was Living in The World
I've moved to http://tech.shantanugoel.com and http://blog.shantanugoel.com


Thursday, March 25, 2004
I've moved to http://tech.shantanugoel.com, http://blog.shantanugoel.com and http://www.safercode.com/blog/
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Never Knew I Was Living In The World
Programming Safer Code (Secure Coding In C \ C++)

Never knew we were living in a world
With a mind that could be so sure
Never knew we were living in a world
With a mind that could be so small
Never knew we were living in a world
And the world is an open court
Maybe we don't want to live in a world
Where innocence is so short

Who Am I?
Shantz (¶SkyWaLKer¶).....Shantanu Goel to the uninitiated
Currently in Final Year E&EC, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh ( www.pec.ac.in )
Set to join either TCS (www.tcs.com) or Hughes Software Systems (www.hssworld.com) after college.
My email : shantzg001@yahoo.com

Why Am I?
GOD Knows....

How/What/WTF Am I?
Thats whats the blog's for....

Since two years, I'd been wanting to give a vent to my feelings. But u always need a push, they say. Then along came zombie's blog and that too written in true Zincer style followed by a series of events that made me quote the lines above. And here's my blog.

I'll begin with this msg to the world (a la Silverchair):
We are the youth
We'll take your fascism away
We are the youth
Apologise for another day
We are the youth
And politicians are so sure
We are the youth
And we are knocking on death's door