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Da Vinci Code

Monday, October 18, 2004
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Never Knew I Was Living In The World
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Just finished reading The Da Vinci Code - By Dan Brown. Have to say the book is just amazing.

A must read for all. The story takes constant twists and turns. The conspiracy theorists will love it. I like the way the story moves, intertwining different scenes/stories so seamlessly within the chapters. The emotions depicted so beautifully. The images, whether of the situation or of the artwork, are painted in words so intricately that u feel u r standing there facing it all.

More importantly, the character of Robert Langdon has been conceived so beautifully. His stance on the whole of the issue (I'm not spoling anything for u by revealing the "Issue" here) was the perfect stance that shud have been. It'll let u think on ur own whether if all that was said in the book was true, even then wud it be wise for the world to accept the truth in an instant. Even the greatest lie (as portrayed in the book) has given the world so much. In fact, it has given the world much more than it has taken away. So, Robert's (and Priory's) stance stands vindicated.

BTW, I can tell u the "issue" itself will change so many meanings during the book, u'll just want to read it all in just one go.

The epilogue was, once again, a fitting ending to such a good book.

Thanks Mr. Brown for producing such a masterpiece.