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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I've moved to http://tech.shantanugoel.com, http://blog.shantanugoel.com and http://www.safercode.com/blog/
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Never Knew I Was Living In The World
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or is it the return of the Emperor???
Well, actually this is about the change of the catering service at my company's cafeteria. For too much time now, we all have been cribbing and cribbing about the quality of the food that the caterer dishes out to us. But to no avail, that is, until now.
Initially, the atmosphere was almost ecstatic when we heard that the caterer's being changed but there hung a pause of uncertainty as soon as the name of the new one was declared. This new one is the guy that was removed a couple of years earlier due to "poor quality" of food.
Am keeping my fingers crossed that the new caterer doesn't cross my stomach out.....
Pray for me, guys.
And yeah, may be put in a few words for my colleagues too...:-)

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