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Movie: Hulchul

Monday, November 29, 2004
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Went to see the movie Hulchul this Sunday with Divya. Didn't have too much expectations fromt the movie as I'm not a hindi movie buff but still knowing that it was a piece of Priyadarshan had its effect and I expected it to be much better than it later turned out.
The movie hits on the ultimate formula of hindi movies, vis a vis:
i) Khandani Dushmani
ii) Ladka ladki mein bhi dushmani in the beginning
iii) Then they fall in love
iv) Family opposes
v) Finally they agree after a lot of fighting
vi) and they live happily ever after

Rubbing salt to the injuries was the mindless dialogues that happened. And also the unusual coincidences that everyone knew where to find anyone else at any poi8nt of time and he/she reaches there in an instant (be it the midlle of the road, a mansion, college, hostel) or anywhere else to have a dialogue.

The much promised comedy was missing. Just abt a total of 20-30 mins of comedy in the total movie and that too of a childish sort. You laugh more at the director's antics rather than the actors.
In my case I forced myself to laugh at whatever i could remotely connect to comedy, after all i had paid 150 rs per ticket out of my hard earned money (well, soft earned as am a software engineer ;-))

If comedy was missing, this didn't mean the movie was emotional. Actually every sort of emotion was missing. Acting looked like over-avcting. Especially of the MAa Lakshmi of anpara village.

Songs were meaninglessly crammed in, lacked good lyrics, music, choreography. In short, it was as good as not being there. The only song that might enthuse some ppl (the rickshaw wallas and auto wallas, that is) the item song " lut gayi lanka ravan ki".

In all, my opinion about the movie: worthless.
my rating: ** (out of 5 *'s)
My advice: Instead of going for this movie, u'll be better off having an extended nap in ur bed at home.
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