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A new dimension to racism??(update)

Thursday, January 13, 2005
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Yesterday I read it in the newspaper and today I heard this clip on net http://www.edrants.com/_mp3/Power99_Call_to_India.mp3.
This is the infamous call made by a radio jockey in US to a call center in India. Read about it here.
This is a post that was made on our internal newsgroup:
Hello All

We all know that lots of calls are outsourced to India by majoy MNC in US. Here is a link to audio clip which is from theradio jockeys Star and Buc Wild's show.


There is apparently a campaign against suchoutsourcing and some people are encouraging others to spend 20 min of time of the day to give such kind of callsto thecall centers inIndia and thwart such initiatives by MNC's.

I ask what is this?
Is the whites v/s non-whites rearing its head again?
Am too stumped at this stupid outburst of hate to comment anything more. Please take a look at the clip and just ponder over whats happening....

Update: One of my colleagues wrote a mail to the GM of WUSL-FM regarding the matter. Here is the transcript of the mail and the reply:

Hi Sir,
> I would like to say something in context of recent Controversy that
> is erupted on abusing Indian
> call center worker by your RJ
> Through I do know that outsource wave is let to resentment in
> US for the same. We all know,
> per dollar saved on outsource ultimately help developed world only to
> focus their resource on advance
> Technology. It is different matter , the cycle of change takes time. If
> today it is flip flop based computers
> Tomorrow it can be nano-technology based machines that will help making
> more MNCs from US .
> Making this outsource resentment as laughing matter
> /Abusing lady by your man
> is highly regrettable matter. I am sure taking feeling of large population
> feelings. You will do the needful to
> not to repeat such act again. Better Mr Troi Torain make public apology to
> the lady in question. That will be
> gentle-man act on his part.
> Regards
> Gagandeep

Dear Gagandeep:
Thank you for your email, i wanted to response quickly as your email popped up
as I was checking my inbox this morning.
Please accept my apology for the use of the language you referenced in your

All of us at WUSL-FM do not condone the use of offensive language in any form,
on or off-air. This situation has been discussed with the people in question,
the on-air hosts have apologized and been suspended, and I am confident nothing
of this nature will happen again, so I do feel the level of action taken is
warranted. I have also reprimanded the staff and reminded them that posting
such material on our station's Web site is not acceptable and will not happen
again. I sincerely regret any discomfort this may have caused you or any
friends and family. WUSL-FM (POWER-99), for many years, has been synonymous
with being a helpful resource for our listeners and offering a great radio
station to listen to, and my goal is to continue to build on that. Again I
apologize to you personally for this and I understand your point of view.
Gagandeep, I do appreciate your taking the time to let me know your thoughts
and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Richard Lewis
RVP & Market Manager
Philadelphia, PA