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Someone's gotta do something..

Friday, March 11, 2005
I've moved to http://tech.shantanugoel.com, http://blog.shantanugoel.com and http://www.safercode.com/blog/
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While coming to office today, I just ran a cursory glance over the newspaper and a small news item settled at the back of my mind "Bugs bunny to be a superhero". After coming to office I thought about reading up on it. A quick search on google news revealed a lot of news items. Gladly anticipating to see our own *wabbit* in a new role, I scanned the results which were something like:
Bugs Bunny turns slick superhero!:
Bugs Bunny and pals getting futuristic makeover

But what irked me was the presence of these results:
Bugs a bugged bunny over 'Loonatics'
Look what they did to the wabbit

Exploring a litle more I found that Bugs will now be renamed "Buzz Bunny" as he, along with five others, is transported from the looney toons to "Loonatics". Quoting from one of the reports:
Hes got no eyeballs, or his eyes are shaded. His ears look like spears. His paddle-fists look like theyre groping for some kind of weapon.
By Golly, is this the Bugs we know. More importantly, is this the bugs we want?
Where will be the good ol' humour, where'll be the funny antics, where'll be that "being cruhed by a tractor and coming out flattened and then getting air pumped in to regain normal body", where'll be our wabbit.
Where will be "What's up Doc?".

Quoting more from the report:
"He sports Mel Blancs funny, nasally voice.And, its not you better laugh or Ill shoot you.
When you reach inside a figure and pull out its guts, put an iron over its face and smash down its expression, you have ruined its legacy, a state-of-mind and body passed on to descendants."

For God's sake, we don't want a new superhero. We already have enough anime action and enough american heroes are cleaning the streets of evil just good enuff. But if warner bros. still wants a new hero, fine, go ahead and create a new one, leave bugs alone...
I don't want a gun-slinging, hard-talking, lean-mean-fighting machine, I want my buggy, looney, bugs back...

Somebody do something :*( :*(