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Kudos to the Indian judiciary

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
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Finally, an act that proves that justice is still alive....
Rahul and Amit awarded life sentences. NEWS
Rahul and Amit, who? Rahul and Amit, the prime accused in the MAMC rape case. In the words of justice Chander Shekhar
“Murder destroys the physical frame of the victim. But a rapist degrades the soul of a helpless female, in consequence whereupon the victim suffers and dies everyday. The convicts have been held guilty of committing gangrape on an unmarried helpless girl who was a medical student. Such act of bestiality deserves stringent punishment. They do not deserve any mercy and have to be given exemplary punishment so that it acts as a deterrent to others also.”
The verdict might have taken two years to come but it came nevertheless and in quite appropriate proportions too. Some people might have said that those sickening criminals should have been hanged instead, but I say that this is a worse punishment for them. They'll live out their entire life, burdened with guilt, enduring the rigours of the prison, and repenting over the henious act they committed. Yeah, a death sentence would have been like an easy acquittal.
I hope that this verdict results in lesser Rahuls and Amits.....