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Bird Watching...

Sunday, December 12, 2004
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Never Knew I Was Living In The World
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Well, this weekend we (read "the cubicle dwellers of HSS") decided to do some bird watching. No, guys, don't get it wrong. Not the bird watching we do every evening at the malls and in the market place but the "real" bird watching. Decided to drive over to the nearby Sultanpur bird sanctuary. For a change, had to wake up so early (8:30 AM to be exact, and yes, don't be surprised, that is indeed early for me).

But when we reached sultanpur, it had everything. Well, except the birds!!!

The promised lake of the much hyped "Supltanpur lake and bird sanctuary" turned out to be a large muddy pond of sorts. There we saw our first and only creature that we don't see normally, "neelguy" (Dunno what they call it in english). But it wasn't so pleasant as the "supposedly" blue cows were cows after all and then they have that old Prem Chopra saying "Bhains poonchh uthaygi to gana nahin gayegi, gobar hi karegi". I'm sure u can now do the rest of the mathematics urself and see where 2+2 leads to ;).

Neways, somehow after managing to jhelo all that bird watching, we came out to have lunch at the only restaurant there (run by the Haryana tourism). And the "nice hospitality" showed by them lead us to eating a Rs. 118/- per plate meal which wasn't even worth Rs 18/-.

But the trip wasn't a total failure. We decided to make good use of the situation to let our hair down. We played all those kiddish games like dodgeball, frisbee throwing, et al, and I'll be only understating it if I say that we had a lot of fun. It feels good to be a kid again. :-)

The journey (to and fro) was, as usual, punctuated by antakshari session in the bus, with me mouthing hindi filmi songs with such ease that it left me wondering about the effects of passive listening cuz I cudn't understand where from were the lyrics coming to my mind cuz I never indulge in this genre of music.

All in all, the trip was successful (though in a different way) and yeah, did i mention that i got to know so many new people...:-)