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Miracleman or just another conman??

Monday, January 24, 2005
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Benny Hinn came to India. Some moved rhythmatically to his tunes and prayers, while many others moved to get him out of the country...
Hinn came, put up a hell of a show, punctuated by the usual "I got healed" testimonials and went out, his pockets heavier by another few millions. People thronged the Hinn show, with genuine faith, and out of curiosity what the furore was all about. Hinn, the miracle healer, supposedly healed many there and then. The healed ones, then being invited on the stage to recount their experience. But why wasn't there any place for the ones that didn't get healed. They were told that they "weren't ready" yet.
Human mind is a wonderful thing.
It has the power to heal the body all on faith itself. Even a pouch of sugar taken on faith works wonders. Is Benny Hinn that pouch of sugar??
It also has the power to make u "believe" that u r healed even though u r not. Is Benny Hinn that "make believer"?? Sometimes, people testify that they got healed just by feeling "something". Like feeling a "warmth" inside them. Infact, just a quick search on google will tell u about news reports of hundreds of such incidents where people have "felt" being healed but are not really healed. And there are incidents where the on-spot doctors have given false reports of the healings having taken place.
The famed healing of "Evander holyfield" that is paraded around by hinn every now and then was not a healing after all as it came out later. Holyfield himself says that there wasn't even anything to heal about his heart, so there is no chance of a healing taking place.
And yes, one's own personnel interspersed among the crowd isn't out of the consideration too.
This is why I'm sceptical of such healers. Why do they claim something if only 100 people out of crowd of 10000 get healed. That makes it just a 1% success rate(even if we consider that all of them really got healed). What makes them (and the followers) assume that they did it.
Atleast, we thinking individuals shouldn't give in to this kind of insane drama....

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