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The Adventures of Shantz: Shantz in Meerut

Monday, February 14, 2005
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Spare the Tintin style heading...Neways have just returned from a cousin's marriage in meerut and boy was it fun.
Well, a few days ago, mum called up.
Mum: Beta, its ur cousin's marriage on sunday. So u have to come.
Me: Aww mom, I don't want to. I don't anyone there. I'll be bored.

Mum: Nahin, u have to come. U don't know anyone cuz u never go there.
Me: But I've so much work at office. (Even though I didn't ;) )

Mum: I'm not going to listen to any of ur excuses. u've to come.
Me: Ok mom, I'll come on sunday evening.

Mum: Nahin, u've to come on saturday and that is FINAL
<click>Enough hint to show me that was the end of discussion.

Neways, with a heavy heart and lethargic arms, I picked up my bag on saturday and started for meerut. Just to worsen my mood, I had to change 3 buses to get there and each was filled to its capacity. I even had to endure the Delhi heat, standing next to smelly armpits, hanging on to a shred of a holder in the bus.

Reached my aunt's place. Put on a fake smile trying very hard not to show my grumpiness.

Saw so many ppl (and kids, loadsa them) around. The place was just buzzing with cheerful activity. I told myself "Okay buddy, this may not be as bad as u thought". How wrong I was. Cuz it dint turn out to be "not so bad", it turned out to be an amzaing and wonderfully pleasant experience.

The adventures began with the introductions. I was introduced to so many of my Aunts and Uncles whom I'd never heard about, what the heck, I dint even know they existed. They were all so frank. None of that formal stuff of just sitting around with ur lips just glued to make a silly smile. I mean, these were real party ppl. All the guys and gals (don't get any wrong notions ppl, the gals there were mostly of my auntie's age or my niece's age) talked to me as if they knew me for a long time.

Had a blast all night long, dancing to the tunes of dholak (a traditional indian musical instrument) and later on to the thumping beats of CDs belting out Bhangra numbers.
Next morning woke up to the sounds of "Pakad oye, dheel de, kheench kheench, kaat kaat" (Catch it, loosen it, roll roll, cut it, cut it).
Obviously it was basant panchmi and when I walked out of my room, I couldn't see the sky cuz it was completely filled with kites all around. It was just amazing. It seemed as if the sky had got bored of that dull old skyblue and had put on a new colorful garb. Spent the next few hours learning the intricacies of kite flying from a group of 5-10 year olds who talked about kite flying with just panache and authority that even Tendulkar can't demonstrate about cricket.

In the evening, went to the marriage place and had all the meerut specialities like kachories, halwa parantha and what not. Had so much fun participating in all the customs and rituals with the ususal ladke wale - ladki wale stuff and all.

Whew, and snap. It was over. My bus was waiting and had to start back for home. Come to think of it, earlier I dint want to come here and now I dint feel like going back. But guess there is only so much of fun that a guy can have. For the sake of keeping its charisma intact....

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