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Indian flag reaches F1 circuit

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
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"About time" is the general feeling right now all around as news pours in about the Jordan offer to our very own Narain Karthikeyan to be their number 1 driver.
The guy has already test driven for a lot of teams (vis. a vis Jordan, Jaguar and Minardi). I felt a lot for him when he was offered a drive by Minardi but he coudn't raise enough money as asked by Minardi. He missed the chance to break onto the F1 circuit by a whisker. But it seems God has much better plans for him cuz unarguably, starting with Jordan means much better prospects for Karthikeyan. Jordan might not be a front runner but it is still a much better platform as compared to Minardi, who are happy to just finish the races, let alone fancying any chances of winning some points. This also means that more and more Indians will be exposed to F1 now, and better prospects for the proposed Hyderabad Grand Prix.

So, herez wishing luck to Narain and hoping that he is the one to fill the shoes of Michael as and when he leaves.....

PS: Next one month is surely going to be too hard to pass for me now waiting for that first glimpse of an Indian driving in a grand prix
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