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The Irrationalities of Indian Police.....

Saturday, December 18, 2004
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"Baazee.com CEO Arrested", screamed the front page of TOI today. I woke up to find this startling news which was punctuated with another smaller headline "Non Bailable Warrant Against the DPS boy".
It has been reasoned that the CEO was arrested cuz he was responsible for what was sold on his site (the MMS CD in this case). However, the police fails to understand that:
1. Trade worth lakhs of rupees is done thru baazee daily and it is quite difficult to track each and every transaction.
2. The CEO doesnt track any transaction, the hundreds of technicians involved, do.

So, why was the CEO arrested???
They say that it will set an example for other sites to take care in future...Example, my foot, I say.
What sort of example will be set when u arrest the CEO of a company which, from day 1, co-operated with the police to apprehend the culprits.
And is the destruction of a man' life and reputation (including the harrassment caused to his family), and that too for no apparent fault of his, worthy enough to "set an example".

And if this wasn't enough, the police have issued a non-bailable warrant against the boy. Why isn't there anything regarding the girl, I thought. And then I came upon an innocuously added line in the report "Police have also decided to question the girl who was filmed." That's all??? The boy is being hanged publicly while the girl goes scot free. Don't take it in any gender discrimination sense on my part but I'm just curious to know why is this preferential treatment being given to the second person who was as much involved in the incident.

The police are just searching for as many scape goats as they can so that they can close the case soon so as to save their face, or maybe even get a few accollades from the janta and the media.

In whole, I can only say what I'm "forced" to repeat every few months " Shame on the Indian Police..."

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